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There’s a bit of the magpie in most of us but what sort of collector are you?

Are you the sort of person who picks up shells as you walk along the beach on your holiday but then doesn’t know what to do with them when you get home?

Or do you make a special trip to the beach to search for the particular shells you need to add to your ever growing collection?

The collectors who have helped shape our museum collections definitely fall into the latter category. To find out about some of these collectors, their passions and idiosyncrasies read on…


William Curtis

Had a keen interest in the natural sciences, including geology, founded the Curtis Museum in Alton.

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Museum Curators page Edward Hart

Edward Hart

Christchurch taxidermist and collector, by 1866 his collection was large enough to open a museum.

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Museum Curators page Reginald Hooley

Reginald Hooley

Had a passion for fossil collecting, Honorary Curator of Winchester Museum 1918 – 1923.

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Museum Curators page Herbert Druitt

Herbert Druitt

Had the biggest private collection in the south of England but was reluctant to share it with others.


Museum Curators page George Willis

George Willis

Basingstoke business man, Mayor and Honorary Curator of the Willis Museum, Basingstoke.

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What do you collect? Why do you love it? Share your passion for collecting with us and others.

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