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What do you collect?  Would you like to share it with us? Register with us and you can upload images of your collection, connect with others that love collecting and make galleries of images you like from our collections.

We would love you to comment on our galleries, join our collectors and share your passion for collecting with us.

Or join us on Instagram. Take photos of your collection or, next time you visit a museum, your favourite museum objects, upload the photos to Instagram and add the hash tag #lovecollectinghct. As long as you are registered with this site we will gather up all your #lovecollectinghct tagged Instagram images and add them to this site too.

Register with us and upload one or more photos of the things you collect – shoes, old photos, teapots, stamps or whatever it is you collect we would love to see it – to Instagram using the hashtag #LoveCollectingHCT before 18 December 2015 for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher.